1. denigrate obtuse and active verbs pronouns
skewer the sieve of the optical sewer
release the handle that holds all the gates up
puncture the eyeballs that seep all the muck up
read all the books and the people worth reading
and still see the muck on the sky of the ceiling

2. relent and obverse and inverse and perverse
and reverse the inverse of perverse and reverse
and reverse and reverse and reverse and chop it
and pluck it and cut it and spit it and sew it
to joy on the edge of a cyclop and spinet
to rage on the edge of a cylindrical minute

3. Tantalize poets with visions of grandeur
as their faces turn blue with the reek of the compost
as the living try hard to retain what the dead lost
with the double dead sickness from writing at what cost
and business and business and reverse and reverse
and set the brain reeling the inverse and inverse

4. with cheap simian melodies hillbilly outgush
for illiterate ramblings, for cheap understandings
the compost the reverse the obtuse and stupid
and business and business and cheap stupid lyrics
and simple mass reverse while the real thing is dying

5. jumpsuit and pigmeat and making his fortune
while making them happy with the inverse and obverse
while making them happy and making them happy
with the cloy and the stupid just another dumb lackey
who puts out the one thing while singing the other
but the real things alone and it is no man’s brother.



1. Candy screen wrappers of silk screen fantastic
lurid and lovely with twilight of ages
laconic giggles, ennui for the passions
rectify moments most serious and urgent
requiring replies most facile and vacuous
on a subject of great concern, noble origin—

2. for screeching and yelling and various offenses
against the state the country and the committee
for groveling and spewing and various offenses
the inverse the obverse the converse and reverse
and suitable reckonings too numerous to mention
it is heretofore, heretothree, forthleft forthrightly stated—

3. Rembrandt and Oswald and peanuts and ketchup
up to the stand with your feet on the Bible
do you swear to ketchup and throw up and up up
excuse me to willow and wander dark wonders
the fate of a nation rests hard on your bosom
and set the tongue squealing, the reverse and reverse

4. contempt contempt and contempt for the boredom
for cordless and Harry and Apepig and scissor
for children and adults all those under ninety
a stray in this fray is no condom worth saving
no dimple crass inverse can make lying worth dying

5. off with his head, take his head from his neck off
Put out his eyes and then cut his nose off
scoop out his brain put a string where his ears were
and swing the whole mess from the end of a wire
the wire extend from the tip of a rose
which will retain the remnants of what once was a nose

6. oh not to be whistled or studied or hummed
or remembered at nights when the eye is alone
but to skewer and ravage and savage and split
with the grace of a diamond and bellicose wit
to stun and to stagger with words of such stone
that those who do hear cannot again return home

7. contempt contempt and contempt for the seething
for writhing and reeling and two bit reportage
for sick with the body and sinister holy
the drowned burst blue babies now dead on the seashore
the valorous horseman who hand from the ceiling
the pig on the carpet the dusty pale jissom
that has no effect for the sick with the seasaw
the inverse obverse converse reverse of inverse
the diverse and converse of reverse and perverse
and sweet pyrotechnics and lets have another
of inverse converse diverse perverse and reverse
hells graveyard is damned as they chew on their brains
the slick and the scum reverse inverse and perverse



1. Please raise the flag
rosy red carpet envy
English used here
this messenger is nervous
it’s no fun at all
out here in the hall