With a Blessing Rather than Love
   Said Nietzsche

The square stone room makes a shape in the air
to rest inside. A form for holding what is loved
beyond naming. With gratitude and reverence
as Nietzsche said. We have other ways,
other places. Like figs left on the stone shelf
above the patio as a gift.
You go out and return with fruit you've picked
and I make jam for our crepes and yogurt
and we eat. It is still morning and we look
at each other even though we have known each other
for years. You take me on your lap
in the chair by the open window and pull off
the shirts over our heads so we can feel the air
and embrace and kiss high up on the mountain
in the shaded room by the screen window
where the air comes in and keeps touching us
and we are happy beyond saying, beyond
any sounds even. Less than nothing and deeper.