A hears by chance a familiar name, and the name solves a
      riddle of the past.
B, in love with A, receives an unsigned letter in which the
      writer states that she is the mistress of A and begs B not
      to take him away from her.
B, compelled by circumstances to be a companion of A in an
      isolated place, alters her rosy views of love and marriage
      when she discovers, through A, the selfishness of men.
A, an intruder in a strange house, is discovered; he flees
      through the nearest door into a windowless closet and is
      trapped by a spring lock.
A is so content with what he has that any impulse toward
      enterprise is throttled.
A solves an important mystery when falling plaster reveals the
      place where some old love letters are concealed.
A-4, missing food from his larder, half believes it was taken