A lyric from a musical version ofGiraudoux 's La Folle de Chaillot, done in the mid-1960s in collaboration with Michel Legrand and Maurice Valency. The writing of the show was all hut complete, and auditions were heing held, when the feckless producer lost the adaptation rights, and the project had to be abandoned. —R. W.



I'll never forget you as long as I live,
                Adolphe Bertaut.
You gave me the trifles a lover can give,
                Once, long ago;
Some boxes of candy, a few pretty words,
                That season's tune.
An armful of flowers, a sky full of birds.
                The sun and moon . . .

How precious the world was, how vast it became;
                I loved it so.
The trees of the boulevards whispered your name,
                Adolphe Bertaut.
Because we were happy, and lent them a share
                Of our delight.
The crowds in the park and the street and the square
                Were gay and bright.
Oh, all was a wonder, the fish-…