Boki was watching Álse Odjo with a twig broom sweep the floor. The twig-ends were breaking off and Álse Odjo kept sweeping them up. “You losing broom all over the floor!” Boki said, “I see that broom creating its own work!”

“Just like everyone on this island!” Álse Odjo said back, “That’s the island way,” she didn’t laugh, “This broom born and raised here, you know.”

But Boki was not there just for talk, he was going with Álse Odjo to the hut of old Boukinez that fortune teller woman that woman. They were going to bring two of her fortune guesses back to her. They went to turn two guesses back to Boukinez because no one before had bothered to walk guesses back, were they right or wrong the guesses and did she long to know what happened to them? They arrive at her hut. Boki says to her, “We are two guesses come back.”

Boki says, “Do you remember me, I’m Boki?” she nods yes she does, “Remember you guessed for me a future dressed in fortune and laugh?” she nods yes again and says, “Yes, I wanted that to be true yes.” Boki says, “Well, madam, I must honest tell you now I am poor on this island many years now, often in a dream clouds passing through my heart and are bread then, true as I tell it. So each morning I carry out my crate porch and