here then I quote on part three how it was after Pim how it is part three and last at last towards which, lighter than air an instant flop fallen so many vows sighs prayers without words ever since the first word I can hear it the word how

no time left I say it as I hear it murmur it in the mud I’m sinking sinking fast that’s too strong no head left imagination spent no breath left

the vast part both near and far the old today of the extreme old even the humming-bird known as the passing moment all that

the vast past even the humming-bird it comes from the left I watch it fly lightning semi-circle clockwise then the next then then or eyes closed it’s preferable head bowed or not before the storm brief blanks good moments black blanks then zzzz the next all that

all that nearly blank that was so adorned a few traces that’s all seeing who I always more or less so little so little there but there little there but there no choice

before Pim long before with Pim vast tracts of time kinds of thoughts same family divers doubts emotions too yes emotions some with tears yes tears motions too and movements both parts and whole as when he sets out to seek out the whole of him sets out to seek out the true home

there then more or less more of old less of late very little these last times they’re the last extremely little hardly at all a few seconds on and off enough to mark a life several lives crosses everywhere indelible traces

all that nearly blank nothing to get out of it almost nothing nothing to put into it that’s the saddest that would be the saddest imagination declining having reached the bottom what one calls sinking one is tempted

or ascending heaven at last no place like it in the end

or not stirring that too that’s defendable half in the mud half out