I wrote a novel for Sarah and sent it to her. She wrote back, “For me? How sweet. Nobody has ever done anything or presented me with anything near to what you’ve just given me. I’ll treasure it always. I must confess I might not get around to reading it immediately, since I am tied up to my neck and beyond with things I’m forced to do first. But I can’t describe my pleasure in receiving this and the overwhelming gratitude I’ll a ways have in knowing it was written especially for me.”

I painted a series of paintings and crated and shipped them to her and she wrote back, “Are these really all for me? I only looked in one of them and it said ‘First of a series of fifteen’ and I counted the other crates and came up with fourteen more and thought, ‘My god, I have the entire series.’ You cannot imagine how this gift moves me. I’ll open the rest of the crates as soon as I find the time, as I have been unrelievedly busy these past few days and will be for weeks. The one I did open I’ll hang above my fireplace if I can find the space among all my previous paintings and prints. Meanwhile, it’s safely tucked away in a closet, so don’t fear it will get hurt. Again, what can I say but eternal thanks.”

I wrote a sonata for her and called it “The Sarah Piece” and had it printed and sent her a copy and she wrote me, “A musical composition in my name? And for the one instrument I can play, if not well, then at least semi publicly okay? You’ve gone out of your way to honor and please me more than anyone has and a lot more than any person should expect another to for whatever the reasons, and as soon as I can sever myself from all the other things I’m doing and which I wish I had the time to tell you about, I will sit down and try and learn this sonata or at least read it through. You cannot believe the many good things that have been happening to me lately and which I’m so involved in, but I will definitely find the time to attend to my sonata in one of the ways I mentioned, of that you can bet. Once more my warmest thanks for your thoughtfulness and my respect for your creativeness, and my very best.”